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You're here because you want to put your home or business in the hands of bed bug exterminator who cares. We are a family owned, chemical-free pest control solution dedicated to serving the Central Virginia, Charlottesville, and Williamsburg areas.


You're In Good Hands

  • State of The Art Equipment and Methods- With the use of the Green Tech Heat System, remediation begins in fifteen minutes. Our tools are the best in the industry, boasting the most powerful and safe heaters around. Our processes are built from the ground up to keep your home and belongings safe while thoroughly eradicating any pests in the building.
  • Eco friendly, Family and Pet Safe- We never employ the use of any  pesticides, providing an environmentally friendly alternative compared to other companies, while making a priority of you and your family's safety.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Integrity - We appreciate that you have entrusted us with the security of your home. We run our specialists through an intense series of background checks before hiring, combined with a top of the line education program to keep that trust strong.
  • Three Step Process- Investigate, Educate, Remediate. All inspections are free. Our specialists will answer any questions you have in a professional and friendly manner. We will walk with you through the whole treatment process with convenient and timely updates sent to your smartphone, making sure you are kept in the loop during your busy day.

Discreet Service- While pests are no indication of a home or business's cleanliness, we are here to help you through the treatment process without drawing attention from neighbors. No cheap, obnoxious "bed bug killer" logos parked near your home or business. The Clean Heat Defense, bed bug exterminator works quickly and efficiently, keeping a lower profile.

Our Story

Co-founders, Leslie & Justin Andrew and Kim & Ken Thelen have developed a strategic partnership with Green Tech Heat Solutions in order to provide the most discreet, effective, and service oriented treatment system on the market today without the use of dangerous chemicals.

The CEO and founder of Green Tech Heat Solutions is widely considered the father of modern pest heat remediation. Developed in 1989 by Dr. Michael R. Linford Ph.D., the Green Tech Heat Solutions system has reached over one million successful remediations around the United States.

Both Justin and Ken and their respective family members, have come face to face with these pests.

"I didn't know what was biting my wife causing so many welts" ...Justin.

"One morning my daughter woke up with bed bug bites on her legs and arms it look like she spent the night in an ant hill" ...Ken.

Born from a desire to assist others in their fights against pests, Clean Heat Defense was formed. With a commitment to punctuality, integrity, tidiness, and respect Clean Heat Defense will put you first, every time.

Why Choose Clean Heat Defense?

  1. Competitive rates. 
  2. A Strategic Partnership With Leading Innovator in Pest Control.
  3. State of The Art Equipment and Methods.
  4. Family Owned and Operated.
  5. 100% eco-friendly, child/pet safe, non-pesticide treatment. 
  6. Prioritized positive client experience. 
  7. Courteous and friendly technicians.
  8. Text updates to keep you informed on your home's treatment. 
  9. Preliminary pest inspection free of charge. 
  10. Performance Guarantee*

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No Bed Bugs? No Problem

That's why we got together with the good people at Green Shield pest control. BBB credited, locally owned,  and eco-friendly, they are always at the ready to defend your home from even the most ruthless pest invasion.

Meet The Team BEHIND the Team

Our partners at Greentech Heat Solutions are always hard at work developing new ways to keep your home or business pest free!

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