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The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment in Richmond!

Discover Why Bed Bug Treatment With Heat Is So Effective

You are here because you want to put your home or business in the hands of a bed bug exterminator that respects your privacy and uses the most effective heat removal processes available. Clean Heat Defense is a family owned, chemical-free pest control solution dedicated to serving the Central Virginia, Richmond, Charlottesville, and Williamsburg areas.

Why Choose Clean Heat Defense? We quietly come in, and take care of your bed bug problem the same day. Whether it is your home or business, you want a pest control service that is discreet, affordable, and uses state of the art technology to kill the bed bugs fast!

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment Using State of The Art Equipment

With the use of the Green Tech Heat System, remediation begins in fifteen minutes. Our tools are the best in the industry, boasting the most powerful and safe heaters around.

Our pest elimination processes are built from the ground up keeping your home and belongings safe while thoroughly killing any pests in the building.

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Using Heat Means Eco friendly, Family and Pet Safe Bed Bug Removal

At Clean Heat Defense in Richmond VA, we never employ the use of any potentially harmful pesticides, providing an environmentally friendly yet affordable alternative compared to other exterminators, while making a priority of you and your family's safety. Using our powerful and fast heat treatment process means no chemicals, fast kill time, and above all, only one visit to your home or business.

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We Respect Your Privacy by Providing You Discreet Bed Bug Treatment Service

While pests are no indication of a home or business's cleanliness, we are here to help you through the bed bug treatment process without drawing attention from neighbors.

No cheap, obnoxious "bed bug killer" logos parked near your home or business.

chemical free bed bug removal

The Clean Heat Defense bed bug exterminator works quickly and efficiently, keeping a lower profile.

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